Mommys boys

Mommys boys

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dear future daughters-in-love

II don't know who you are. 
I don't know what you believe.
I don't know where you are from.
I don't know you. 

But I know your future spouse:
That's my baby boy. 
You will one day marry either my sweet buggy (Jairmie) who is focused, funny, and friendly or my baby K (Kaiden) who is tempermental, thoughtful and tender.

You will be my daughter-in-love. 
You will be the one who my son chooses, and who chooses him. 

I want to thank you now for loving him one day. My boys have overcome a lot in their short lives. They have endured therapists, doctors, and high expectations to ensure they are the best they can be while still keeping who they are intact. Autism and all. 

You should know I litterally know nothing about you. Jairmie is 4, his world right now revolves around dinosaurs, order,  and chocolate. Kaiden is 2(almost 3) and his world is a whirlwind of trucks, grapes(his favorite food), and just not understanding why there are rules. 

But one day it will revolve around you and The Lord, I pray. 

I know some of what you will see in my boys though, because they are a lot like their daddy. Especially kaiden :) 

I know that there will be a day where your future husband will ignore your need for his interest. 

I know that your husband will sometimes get so wrapped up in life he forgets to say I love you when he hangs up the phone.

I know there will be days when it feels like he doesn't understand. Or even doesn't care.

But I know he will love you. You will take my place in his life. You will be his greatest support system, the sholder he cries on, and he will be yours. You willknow  and respect when he needs you, and when he needs space. 
My boy, who you love with all your heart, will always be my baby. 

He will be silly. Both my boys like to giggle and have fun. 

He will be loving. Both my boys love cuddle time. 

He will be cautious: encourage him to step out of his comfort zone. 

He will be kind, but in a different way. Jairmie and Kaiden are giving loving people. But sometimes they show love in weird way sometimes. They show love by random little acts. Sometimes they can't get te words out. Autism is part of them. It is likely they will not always be able to access their words te way they want. Be patient, because what they have to say will make you happy 

Please remember he will always be my baby. The baby I never knew I would have. I will do everything I can to teach him how to love a woman. How to treat her. How to respect her. I will give it everything i have. 

I will teach him to show honor and love for God by the way he loves and honors his family. 

I am asking you, my sweet daughter in love, to love my boy, with all your heart. 

I am asking him to love you the same way. 

I am asking you not to hate me. I want to be your friend. 

I am begging you to not be angry at ther differences but embrace them. 

I don't know where they will be when you meet them. I know right now I am trying so hard to help them catch up. I am working daily with them to learn to read others emotions and respect them, while still respecting their own. I hope I succeed. I hope they succeed 

Don't be mad when he can't tell you why you are upset: explain it. He is like his mommy. It's hard to understand what each different negitive emotion in each person looks like, and how to help. 
He will touch your soul, you will touch his.

I hope they love you, beautiful soul, how you deserve to be loved. 

Thank you for loving my boy. 

Forgive him when he screws up. He will. 

I pray I don't mess up raising him. I'm really trying. 

You can come to talk to me, daughter -in-love. I will listen. 

You may worry I'll just take his side cuz he is my son, but if you are the one I have prayed God will give him, the till
Death do us part kinda love, then you will be what's best for him. You can come to me, my goal will be to support your marriage, your love, your similarities and differences while being a loving ear. 

Thank you, so very much. 

Thank you for loving my boys, just as they are.

Tonight I pray for you. 

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