Mommys boys

Mommys boys

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Let's stop scaring parents

This week my youngest, sweet lil Kaiden Wyatt was diagnosed with autism. 

On my blog to him you can find my thoughts I wanted to express to him. 

But here is what I want to say to the world. 


The word strikes fear in the heart of parents. But bear with me if you will. 

Imagine you go into an office concerned about your child. He/she seems a little different from other children. After 3 hours, the doctor comes back with a sorrowful look on their face and says:

Miss/Mister (your last name), I have some unfortunate news for you. Your child has been diagnosed with 
Add any of the below:
Being different

Now what do you think? Because every one describes people on the autism spectrum all over the world. 

Not to belittle the struggles autistics face living in a neurotypical world but they can live happy lives. They can live productive lives. Autistics have friendships, degrees, jobs, spouses, sex, and children. 

This isn't my first rodeo. 1 1/2 years ago my sweet Jairmie William was diagnosed. 

And they terrified me. They made me think my child would have no future. 


Please my friends and readers share this. Because there is something you must learn this autism awareness month:

Autism isn't a sentence to a bad life, it's a different path to a good one.

Every single autistic adult I have ever talked to will tell you they wouldn't change anything about who they are. 

They don't want a cure. They don't want to be fixed. They are fine. There are hard things in their life but every diamond is formed under pressure. 

This is what you can expect of your child! 

Let's give autistic children and adults support to be the best they can be. To reach their full potential, as aided by their autism.

Let's accommodate sensory needs, support development and be cheerleaders.

Maybe their life will be completely conventional "normal" as we like to call it, with just a few quirks. 
Maybe they will have to have help caring for themselves. 
But I gaurentee that autism will not limit the most important things life holds
True Friendship

An really, what else is there.

So what if it's not normal? When did normal become a goal? Have we started asking our children to be average? What ever happened to unique, extraordinary, and amazing. Why would we ever want our children to fit in some mold when if they break the mold we can see what a beautiful creation they were made to be?

Autism is always seen as a negative 

But look into history. What amazing famous people who changed the world, would today have been diagnosed with autism? 

Don't let them tell you what your child can do. Because nothing is more heart breaking for a child when you believe more in a stranger then you do in them. 

Please, this autism acceptance month of April, try to see the beauty in autism. 

Let's stop scaring parents. Sure let us know there is a rough road ahead, but tell us there is hope. Tell us how to support our child and keep them safe. Don't just leave us floundering in terror. Tell us of successful autistics. Tell us of the success story you know. Stop saying "autism" the same way people say "cancer" or any number of things that are actualy deadly. 

Autism isn't a disease or sickness, so stop treating it like such.

Stop making us terrified, and start actually educating us. On what autism is for the adults living with it, on both sides of the spectrum 

And parents, don't worry, your not alone. Look in the eyes of your child, because I know when I do I'm reminded Autism is beautiful